New Varieties 1993

  • This mixture is a Color Eldorado, a delightful color display! From red to pink to apricot colored flowers including yellow and light yellow, beige tones and occasional whites.

    'Colorado' is not only suitable as a border prennial or potted plant, but also as an excellent cut flower. The flowers bloom after 3 months of growing time, and are long lasting in a vase. Achillea 'Colorado' is also outstanding as an everlasting dried flower.

  • Numerous pure white flowers with striking china-blue spots appear from April through the end of May. 'Freckles' is tolerant of partial shade and easy to grow.

  • Art.No.: EA107

    A 10 cm high growing Erigeron native to North America. It deserves a place in every rock garden. Numerous white and lavender-blue tinted ray florets with yellow centers are cushioned in blue-green fine, feathery foliage which appears from June until July.

  • 'Ruby Port' is one of the most beautiful double flowering Aquilegia, with dark ruby single colored flowers with short spurs. 'Ruby Port' is of strong growth habit, reaching a height of 70 cm, very exquisite. Also suitable as a cut flower.

  • This Silver-Thistle continues to be unknown and overlooked. The silvery-white flowers and bronze-red leaves develop their beauty from August to October. An excellent cut flower, fresh as well as dried, with flowering stems up to 50 cm long.
  • Art.No.: INALA239

    A 45 cm high stem with many tinely cut leaves, supports 7 to 20 fragrant Turk's Cap flowers in glossy sealing-wax red color. This lily is very suitable for rock gardens and also excellent as a cut flower.

  • The colorful mixture of these very new Hybrids are the continuance of flowers of the popular spring Phloxes.

    The inflorescens last until the end of August. Phlox x arendsii has larger flowers than the later blooming P. paniculata; in colors of pure white, pink, lavender, red, purple and bicolors. Dead heading produces rebloom in fall.

  • 'Lovedream' brings totally new pastel colors to Lewisia tweedyi. This selection is noted for the large flowers which appear from April until June with numerous flowers up to 8-10 cm in diameter, from ivory colors, cream tones to lemon yellow, and from apricot colored flowers to pure pink. The fleshy leaves form deep green rosettes.
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