New Varieties 1995

  • A fascinating dwarf form of the Carnation of Jove is now available and it's called 'Peggy'. The plant does not exceed 25 cm with dense felt-like foliage contrasting shining pink blossoms from May through July.

    This dwarf carnation will look like a pearl in any rock garden or balcony flower box. 'Peggy' can also be planted in small clusters in perennial borders with sunny exposures. It germinates easily from seed and grows well in any permeable garden soil.

  • For years the blue semi-andropetalous form of Platycodon grandiflorus has been very popular, now for the first time a pure white cultivar with a double corolla is available named 'Hakone White'. This colour variation blooms in the first year after sowing and produces beautiful cut flowers (like most Platyodon varieties).

    'Hakone White' is best used in loose borders or rock gardens in sun or part sun. Flowering time is from June through August. Plants can be easily grown from seed and bloom the first year after an early sowing.

  • Hymenoxys grandiflora belongs to an exceptional breck of perennials native to the Rocky Mountains growing in altitudes up to 2800 meters. Known commonly as "The Old Men of the Mountains" its pure yellow large 8 cm blossoms slowly follow the sun, facing east in the morning and turning towards the west in the evening.

    This impressive perennial forms rosettes with pinnate aromatic foliage, it reaches a hight up to 30 cm during bloom time from May through June. Hymenoxys only require a meager permeable substrat to allow sufficient drainage for damp winters, and they will often be short-lived in a highly nutritious soil. Good in rock gardens in full sun.

  • 'Winterglut' is an enhanced strain of the popular and well known 'Rotblum'. 'Winterglut' was cultivated by the Swedish Grand Old Man Magnus Nilsson (Perennial nursery Landsberg). Originally this cultivar became seed steril, but successful use of F1 breeding has now produced viable seed.

    The 'Winterglut' strain stands out with its wonderful red blossoms and unrivalled red coloured foliage. In autumn the leaves are textured like red leather which makes an eye-catching contrast on a perennial border or a colourful decoration in a holiday wreath. This variety required 40 years of cultivation by Magnus Nilsson and it may be available in some countries under a different name. This became typical for excellent cultivars.

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