New Varieties 1998

  • Those of us who have known the Stokes' Aster merely as a 40 cm high perennial plant will be visibly surprised by 'Omega Skyrocket'. This discovery from the US state of Georgia has a straight upright habit. It reaches a height of 120 cm with very strong, stable flower stalks.

    The large purple flowers which remind us of a Cornflowers and a Aster, bloom from June until September. Stokesia laevis enjoys warm, sandy-loamy soil in a sunny position with good drainage, especially in the winter. 'Omega Skyrocket' is suitable as a cut flower as well.

  • Not too long ago, Belamcanda chinensis was crossed successfully with Iris dichotoma, resulting in the incredible phenotype of today's Pardancanda. Now, it has been possible to improve these hybrid descendants even further.

    The name 'Dazzler' is truly appropriate for this dwarf strain due to its dazzling qualities. The attractive sword-like foliage and the multi-branched flowerstems are in all respects more compact than the ordinary form. The large flowers are therefore closer to each other, resulting in an even more impressive picture. A rich mixture of unicoloured and striped flowers from yellow, orange, red to pink, lavender to purple appear abundantly from June until September, only 35 cm in height. Pardancanda enjoys well drained soil in a warm, sunny to partially shady position.

  • This variety seems to be in every respect the low and compact counterpart of the popular Baptisia australis. For this reason, it requires much less space and is integrated very easily into our smaller gardens.

    The bluish green trifoliate foliage reaches a height of only 45 cm. Its 40 cm long purple-blue panicles, resembling lupines, tower above them. Baptisia australis var. minor is a particularly choice natural variety and flowers from June until August while keeping its leaves until late autumn.

    Baptisias are extremely long-lasting perennial plants and grow in any good garden soil in a sunny position. They do, however, require some time until they develop their full beauty.

  • This white 'Horbet Violet' is not a hybrid with other Viola varieties, but a direct result of the blue wild form. In comparison to the innumerable hybrids, its pure white flowers bloom continually from May until October and are smaller and narrower, but far exceed all others in flowering time.

    'Alba Minor' grows to a height of approx. 25 cm and has a spreading, upright habit. When cut back regularly the plant regenerates very quickly and becomes a durable perennial. Suitable for any good garden soil in a sunny to partially shady position.

  • The 'Rock thyme' is a close relative of the genus calamintha and satureja. Like Satureja, Acinos develops a woody base and forms a low-lying cushion of small leathery, almost round leaves.

    From the beginning of June until the end of August, the plant is covered with innumerable reddish purple flowers, each flower having a white face. Acinos alpinus grows to a height of 15 cm and is a valuable ground cover for well drained sandy to gravelly soil. It develops magnificently between stones, in dry walls and troughs in a sunny position.

  • Within the past few years, many exciting Heuchera cultivars have been introduced.

    Among them, you can find an incredible variety of leaves from green to brownish-bronze, with marbled effect from wholly silver to red veined, with smooth to extremely wavy edges. The flowers range from small to large, white to ivory-coloured, pink to crimson, and are between 20 and 50 cm in height.

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