New Varieties 2014

  • Jelitto welcomes Vernonia ’White Lightning’, a distinct ironweed like no other, with showy clusters of fluffy, pure white blossoms, and consistently grown from seed. Gardeners know the durable, New York ironweed and appreciate the towering species for its purple blooms, in late summer and early fall.
    ’White Lightning’ is the first pure white flowering form among all regularly purple flowering Vernonia species. Native in the United States from New Hampshire to Alabama, the insect and disease resistant species, a great source of bee nectar, is widely adaptable, even in moist soils. The tan to rusty colored seed heads in the middle of autumn are an extra bonus of ’White Lightning’.

  • Though, we think we've got the latest and the best breeding with the Spotlight Series, we can't claim to have been there first with our affection for hollyhocks. (The Neanderthals beat us to that. Excavations in Iraq uncovered remains of hollyhocks that were 60,000 years old.)

    The saucer shaped, radiant pink blooms of ’Radiant Rose’ join the distinguished company of other single colors, among the Spotlight Series, ’Mars Magic’ in red, ’Polarstar’ white, ’Sunshine’ yellow and ’Blacknight’ purple-black.

    The Spotlight-Series is perennial (not biennial) and will flower during the first season when sown early. Hyper-cleaned JET® rubbed seed improves germination and allows for successful machine sowing.

  • The Seven Sages of the 6th century B.C., also known as the Wise Men of Greece, were known for their sage advice. Jelitto has sage advice, too. The easy-to-grow, first year flowering Meadow Clary Sage, Salvia pratensis ’Sky Dance’ is a wise, perennial seed choice.

    Medium green, wrinkled, oblong-shaped and aromatic leaves produce packed basal rosettes, but that’s not the only buzz. Tones of pale blue-purple seem to ebb and flow through the distinctively hooded flowers from June - August and continue for up to 2 months. A late summer bloom to early fall bloom is possible, too.

    The softly light blue ’Sky Dance’ completes the Ballet-Series including ’Rose Rhapsody’ pale pink shades, ’Swan Lake’ pure white, ’Sweet Esmeralda’ intensive dark pink, and ’Twilight Serenade’ blue-violet.

  • Pure seed
    Product Details PULSATILLA vulgaris  'Rosen Glocke'

    You should not be surprised to see this featured new introduction. Pulsatillas are a company favorite. ’Rose Bells’, our newest addition, has radiant cerise pink blossoms with underlying hints of salmon.

    Besides a number of uncommon species, Jelitto has, for many years, focused its breeding on the popular Pasque flower. Pulsatilla vulgaris has been the source for Jelitto varieties like the softest pink flowering ’Pearl Bells’ and other individual colors in red, white and violet. Attractive, fern-like, velvety foliage, clusters of bell-shaped blossoms and feathery seed heads distinguish all of the Jelitto introductions, including ’Rose Bells’. Also available in easy-to-germinate JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®.

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