New Varieties 2016

  • The idea for ’Burning Hearts’ came in a dream during the hot summer of 2004. Bulk up the distinctive dark stems of Heliopsis ’Summer Nights’, deepen the ­purple leaf tones, and top it off with a bright colorful red eye in the center of each of the ­dozens of golden blooms.
    Reality dawned upon awakening. Yes, the dreamy Heliopsis would be a fantastic garden addition, but this wouldn’t happen overnight.
    Finally, Jelitto’s summer dream is a reality. Heliopsis ’Burning Hearts’ has hit every breeding target. With its vivid red-eyed and golden bi-coloured flowers, dark purple
    leaves, and sturdy habit, this variety is a must have for gardens everywhere.
    Jelitto hit the bull’s eye with ’Burning Hearts’.

  • Aubrietas are popular, easy-to-grow and durable. These mounding, early spring ­blooming, evergreen perennials have been available from seed in a range of blues, purples, reds and pinks. The very few, available white-blooming selections have usually been grown by cuttings – until now.  
    Aubrieta ’Pixie Pearls’ adds a very exciting new dimension to seed-sown ­possibilities. ­
    A consistent and vigorous white flowering seed strain was desirable but remained elusive for many years. The effort to bring ’Pixie Pearls’ to market wasn’t easy. More than ten years of patient seed breeding was needed to reach the goal of a consistent and vigorous white seed strain.
    Aubrietas have always been an excellent multi-season crop. Container sales in spring ­easily attract impulse buyers. And fall promotions, like that for pansies, have great ­potential.

  • Jelitto’s first year flowering Heliopsis ’Prima Ballerina’ is floriferous and lovely and a prime example of the Jelitto dedication to bring desirable new introductions to market. Sturdier than other previously existing seed strains, this oxeye sunflower is a third shorter than the well known ’Summer Sun’.
    ’Prima Ballerina’ grows to 60 cm (24”) the first year and tops-out at 100 cm (40”) in future seasons.
    The wonderful drought tolerant North American native smooth oxeye can handle heavy clay soil and is adaptable to any sunny site. The graceful ’Prima Ballerina’ will dance with the butterflies and pollinators that flock to it – and many will come!
    This highlighted 2016 introduction is now available to growers and gardeners alike.

  • The deliciously scented Cosmos atrosanguineus has an unforgettable fragrance that ranges from chocolate to vanilla scented. The gorgeous burgundy – almost black – ­colored blooms are spectacular, too.
    The chocolate cosmos has been presumed extinct – lost in the pine and oak forests of Mexico. The species was only produced from sterile clones.
    Jelitto plant hunters found one fertile seed head far away from its native home, over ten years ago, and soon breeding work began at Jelitto. The best seedlings were saved each year until the strain was perfected. Now is the perfect time to introduce Cosmos ’Black Magic’ as Cosmos has been chosen 2016 Plant of the Year in the United Kingdom.
    Perhaps, one day, seed of ’Black Magic’ will be planted in Mexico and Cosmos ­atrosanguineus can be reintroduced to the wild.

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