New Varieties 2019

  • The ruby-red flowering pincushion-like plant, Knautia macedonica, is a tried and true easy-going perennial gracing any border or natural planting. Its unusual flower color and robust habit makes it a favorite summer color addition to the garden. In 2002, the Jelitto breeding program introduced a compact form of the species called ’Mars Midget’…growing half the size, making a sturdier plant! ’Mars Midget’ has been valuable and easy to propagate for perennial growers and gardeners alike.

    Welcome ’Midget Mauves’! Jelitto’s latest Knautia breeding effort has produced not only compact plants (40cm/16inches tall), but beautiful pinky-purple-mauve colored flowers! The widely branching flowering stems are topped with dozens of floating 5cm (2inches) wide lavender-amethyst gems that sparkle from June through October. Knautia grows well on lean soils in sun or partial shade. The pincushion family of plants are known for their harmonious relationship with butterflies and other pollinators. ’Midget Mauves’ is no exception and is a good pollinator food source. Hardy in Zones 5-10, first year flowering ’Midget Mauves’ is happy in the rock garden, border, container, or in a designed plant community providing summer and late summer color. Grow together with Agastache, Penstemon, Monarda, Festuca, Petalostemon, Echinacea, Pennisetum, Aster etc. and, ’Midget Mauves’ branching stems are wonderful additions to bouquets!
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