Questions on searching

What can I enter in the search text?

You can enter our item no. (eg AA001 or AA 001), the common name (eg Borage), or parts of the botanical name.

To the botanical name belong: the genus (eg Achillea), the species (eg vulgaris), the series (eg Millennium-Series), the variety (eg Magnus), the synonyms (old genus or species names) and the marketing name (eg Splish-Splash).

If you enter part of a term, eg hybrid, you get a list of all items that include the word hybrid in the name. The fewer letters you enter, the bigger and more unmanageable is your result.

How can I get a more precise search result?

If you enter a family name ie. "Delphinium" a long list of different varieties will appear. If you are looking for a specific plant, simply enter further details of the botanical name, e.g. "cloud".

Remember to place a space inbetween the search criteria! Your result will now be Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Serie 'Summer Cloud'.

You can narrow down your search even further by using two words in inverted commas, e.g. "White Lady". In this case "White spotted Lady" will not appear.

How do I put together my list of special plants?

In the advanced search (left column), you have the opportunity to choose plants according to their properties. There are a total of 12 criteria for selection, which can be combined as desired, eg basic flower color blue, fast germinator, sunny location and low growth. Also, multiple selections are possible in one category, eg tea herb + culinary herb.

In the criteria Location, Usage, Characteristics, Growth Habit and Soil Requirement some articles are not complete yet. If you miss a plant in the search result, please let us know and find the right plant for the time being using the regular text search.

Can I save my search results?

Yes, both the results of text search as well as the advanced search can be saved. Use your browser bookmarks function. If you give the bookmark a name related to your search criteria, eg pink + partial shade or "Digitalis purpurea", you can refer back to the result at any time.

Why can I only print the first part of my search results?

The print function of your browser will print only what is visible on the screen. We have "Products per page: 30" by default - if your search finds more than thirty articles, there are more pages. You can tell that at the bottom of the screen on the grey bar that shows a series of numbers and "NEXT".

Please go to the top grey bar that contains the settings and change "Products per page" to 50 or 100. It will be printed all the articles that you can see on the screen, the printer will now print as many pages as are needed for these articles.

Questions on items

What do the signs (  ) mean?

These items are synonyms, ie old names, that by changes in botanical nomenclature are out of date.

What do the signs [  ] mean?

These specifications concern cultivar translations, the renaming of existing cultivars, and confusing marketing names given to the botanical species. While these specifications are not complete, they are compiled in good conscience to the best of our knowledge. 
For example:

ALYSSUM montanum 'Berggold' = translated = [Mountain Gold]

AQUILEGIA vulgaris 'William Guiness' = re-named = [Magpie]

NEPETA nervosa = marketing name = [Blue Moon]

What are series?

Series are breeds which often show very similar growth properties but have one different feature, eg blossom colour.

What does GOLD NUGGET SEED® mean?

GOLD NUGGET SEED® makes it possible for cold germinators to germinate uniformly within 2 - 4 weeks without cold treatment.

-> detailed information

What does JET® mean?

The designation JET® represents several advanced JELITTO TECHNOLOGY techniques.

-> detailed information

What does Organic Seed mean?

Certification in compliance with EU Regulation No. 834/2007 and 889/2008.
This process guarantees transparency along the line from seed to consumer which is essential when dealing with organic products.

-> detailed information

What does pure seed mean?

Pure seed means that the seeds have not only been separated from the chaff, but also from the outer shell.

What are mixtures?

We distinguish between two different mixtures. The main category of seed - mixtures has been compiled for a particular purpose, such as eg the blue colour garden or prairie mixes.

The information mixture with all other items means that different types with different height, color or other variations were compiled, often hybrids or all kinds of a series.

What does BLBP mean?

Abbreviation for the provenance of plants by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (Bavarian regional authority for agriculture, previously Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Bodenkultur und Pflanzenbau).

These plants are selectively bred with distinctly better properties than normally available plant material. Plants with ’BLBP’ provenance have been tested over a period of years on their suitability for field production, particularly with regard to quality and yield and on their botanic identity as stipulated by the pharmacopoeia. These plants are therefore ideally suited for commercial field production. ’BLBP’ certified plants also fulfil all specifications for ingredients stipulated by the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Unauthorised seed propagation is strictly prohibited.

May I use the pictures?

The images are copyrighted and may be downloaded for free web use if our watermark is included. The use is exclusively limited to the botanical name under which the image is published on The marketing name listed in square brackets is not part of the botanical name. Should it still be used, it must be marked as a marketing name.

If you are interested in high resolution pictures for catalogue use or label production, please contact It is our pleasure to offer a one-time non-exclusive right for the use of our digital images in your publication. All picture material is copyrighted by JELITTO STAUDENSAMEN GMBH and to be used only in the agreed upon manner. A sample of the publication, label etc. has to be sent to Jelitto. It is not allowed to pass on the pictures to other parties.

Permission for the use of photographic material will be on a one-time non-exclusive right only and restricted to the agreed purpose. Unless prearranged, the images have to be marked with the copyright „© Jelitto“ or “Picture: Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH”. We must insist you ask permission for any further publication, including reuse for another catalogue circulation. The use is exclusively limited to the variety name for which the picture material was delivered. Under no circumstances can these images be used for any other variety or cultivar. Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH will prosecute violators for a minimum amount of 250,00 EURO for each offense.

Because of the high cost of producing and maintaining photographs we cannot supply them free of charge. For your own printed catalogue use, the fee is 25 EURO per image. For label printing and paper bags, advertising material and others, the fee is 70 EURO/image. Images of Jelitto exclusive introductions are available for use free of charge.

Questions on plant information

What do I find when I select an item?

All available images of the article, various options for action and all previously collected information. Some of the items are still missing some information, but we will complete the details over time.

What options for action offers the green marker behind the botanical name?

You can print all available information on a product data sheet, or save it as pdf, recommend the article, set it to your personal Wish List, or to be notified when a sold-out product is available again.

Is there only one price per item?

No. We also have a portion price, and in the pull down menu next to the price you find a box listing our Block prices. Read more on What does an article cost?

What does the star behind the price mean?

All prices are in Euros. Prices are net and do not include VAT and are plus insurance, packing and shipping costs.

Can I only see prices in EURO?

EURO is the base of our prices. But for your information, we offer the ability to switch from EUR to USD (U.S. Dollar), GBP (British Pounds) and CHF (Swiss Francs). The conversion rates are changed weekly and can vary from the exchange rates on the invoice.

What plant information is available?

We divide the information on the various tabs description, cultivation, scheduling, growing on, and for mixture of compositions. Missing information is completed over time by us.

You can print all available information on a product data sheet or save them as PDF, by using the pull down menu after the article name.

Is it only Gram, °Celsius and cm?

We have chosen the European units on our site as a basis. However, you may use the navigation "CONVERSION" to convert weight, temperature and length in oz, Fahrenheit and inches.

Description - What do the location signs mean?

full sun

Plants prefer full sun.

bright full shade

The description “bright full shade” refers to habitats that are mostly open to the sky but where the plants do not grow in direct sunlight, such as in very bright, spacious courtyards, or within the canopy of very tall trees. Such locations are usually bright enough to allow sun-loving shrubs and trees to thrive.

light shade

Light shade describes areas of dappled sunlight and short periods of shade. A light shade situation can often be observed under the bright canopy of birch or willow trees. Hedges of bamboo or plant covered pergolas also create this pattern of scattered light. Plants that thrive under these conditions usually also grow well in semi-shade.


Semi-shade is found in areas that, through the course of the day, are shaded by walls, hedges or trees with a dense crown. Flower beds in semi-shade are sunny for up to four hours but are otherwise shady. The ideal plants for these conditions can tolerate short periods of dry soil and full sun. Plants that thrive in semi-shade prefer morning sun rather than the afternoon sun, since the higher air humidity helps to prevent scorching.


Plants prefer shade.

Description - What is winter hardiness?

Please find the classification Z1 - 11 in our plant descriptions for your information about Winter Hardiness Zones: they give an approximate indication of the minimum temperature that a particular species can survive. Use this as a basic guideline for determining species suitable for your conditions. Other factors like soil and microclimates can influence winter hardiness to some degree.
Source: RHS Index of Garden Plants, USDA Online Plant Database, A. Armitage - Herbaceous Perennial Plants and others

Here you will find maps with color-coded Hardiness Zones:

USA - Canada - Japan - Australia

Range of average annual minimum temperature for each climatic zone:

Zone     °C                  °F
1     < -45.5                < -50
2     -45.5 to -40.1     -50 to -40
3     -40.0 to -34.5     -40 to -30
4     -34.4 to -28.9     -30 to -20
5     -28.8 to -23.4     -20 to -10
6     -23.3 to -17.8     -10 to 0
7     -17.7 to -12.3     0 to +10
8     -12.2 to -6.7       +10 to +20
9     -6.6 to -1.2         +20 to +30
10    -1.1 to +4.4       +30 to +40
11     >+4.4                 >+40

Cultivation - What does g/1000 Plants mean?

The gram quantity listed is the amount necessary to produce 1,000 plants in careful culture, that is when the seed is planted in the greenhouse and the seedlings are subsequently transplanted. When sowing directly in pots or in containers a correspondingly larger amount will be necessary.

Cultivation - Can I get the sowing directions in other languages?

Yes! You can choose from German, English, French, Swedish, Dutch, Italian and Japanese.

All 20 sowing instructions of a language are grouped together on one side and can be downloaded as a pdf in the navigation "Plant Information" and "Sowing Directions".

Growing On - What do the fertilizer specifications mean?

Ppm is a unit used to indicate a concentration in liquid fertilizers. For example „Wuxal“ 100 ppm mixed in 100 liter water equals a light fertilisation. (Wuxal Universal Fertilizer, NPK 99+99+74, 1ml/1ppm in 1l water). These are basic recommendations and will be variable with product used, substrate and klimate conditions.

Questions on how to order

How do I order?

We offer you several options:

1. You can send us your order by fax or post. You are welcome to use our Order Form or our Fax Order Form / Fax Order Form Japan.

2. You can send us your order via E-Mail or give us a call. Here you can find our Contacts.

3. You can add items into your shopping cart. Click "Display Cart" on the shopping cart bag to place the order. The program guides you through the steps. Details are described in the article, What steps do I have to take to complete an order

4. Regular customers can place a Quick Order

How do I get back to where I came from?

If you are on page x and order an item, you can get back to page x when you use your browser's back button (left arrow). If you click on our navigational headings, you start again from the beginning of that section.

What is a quick order?

In a Quick Order you can enter directly in the shopping cart the item number and quantity of the requested article. You must have a customer number to use Quick Order, because we must assume knowledge of our item list.

All functions of the shopping cart are still available, you can delete items or change the input quantities at any time. If you miss an item number, you can find the article using the text search, click the button "Add to cart", and return to the quick entry using the navigation "QUICK ORDER".

Our tip: Instead of using the "add to cart" button press the return key after quantity.

What steps do I have to take to complete an order?

The purchase contract is concluded by clicking on the button "Purchase", which is under the summary of your order, and after successfully completing the ordering process (Tab 5).

First, the following steps are necessary:

1. Place item in the basket

2. A click on the shopping cart bag is a quick reference guide, "Display Cart" leads you to the full list, to "Cart" (Tab 1):
List of all items including prices, packaging costs and insurance and any necessary additional costs for some countries (Phytosanitary Certficate).

3. "Continue to next step" leads you to "Address" (Tab 2):
You are able to control or change your address, and if necessary, create or choose a shipping address.
4. "Continue to next step" leads to "Delivery" (Tab 3):
You can choose from various shipping methods that already pertain to your order and your country.

5. "Continue to next step" leads to "Pay" (Tab 4):
You can choose from various proposals.

6. "Continue to next step" leads to "Order" (Tab 5):
Here all the details of your order will be listed. You can either make final changes, or submit your order.

If items or shipping costs are included, marked "will be calculated", you will see the button "Purchase Request". You will then receive an extra order confirmation sent initially, including all costs.

Do I have to login or register to add items to the cart?

Yes, this is necessary to check all restrictions. Not all products may be exported to all countries. What is more the shop can only save your shopping cart when we there is a reference to one customer.

Which units can I order?

You can order for most items portions, grams or seeds. The conversion of seeds to gram is determined by the average weight of 1000 seeds and is rounded up the next deci-gram. The number of seeds delivered may differ from the number ordered. Gold Nugget Seeds are sold in unit seeds only. We weigh all amounts, also portions and seeds, we do not count seeds.

How big is one portion?

1 portion is our smallest sales unit and contains 20-250 seeds depending on value and seed size. The unit portion is weighed in and not counted. Therefore the number of seeds may vary and a ± difference of up to 5% is to be assumed for technical reasons.

NB: If you order 2 portions, you will receive two seed packets.

Are the seeds counted or weighed?

All seed counts are based on an approximate indication and may vary considerably between various seed lots or crop years.
The number of seed per gram is counted for each seed lot individually.
The seed contained in a gram or portion or 1000 seed unit is measured according to weight and is not counted each time for every order.
Therefore, the number of seed in gram, portion or 1000 seed unit may vary and a ± difference of up to 5% should be accepted with no compensation in any way due the technical circumstances.

What does an item cost?

Our prices are quoted in Euros. Prices are net and do not include VAT and are plus insurance, packing and shipping costs.

In the pull down menu next to the price you find a box listing our Block prices.

If you enter an amount in the field, a green box appears, showing you the true price scale and the total price for the desired amount. Portions do not have a price scale.

What are block prices?

In the pull down menu next to the price you find a box listing our block prices. Discount has already been calculated in our price scale. The larger the amount ordered, the smaller the price / per grams.

Our prices scale is split as follows:
Portionen do not have a price scale.
1 g prices apply to orders of 0.1g - 9.9 g
10g prices apply to orders of 10g - 99.9g
100 g prices apply to orders of 100g - 999.9g
1000 g prices apply to orders of 1kg - 9.999kg

Prices for larger quantities can be calculated by us on request.

Why are the block prices not always complete?

Rare species and scarce seeds can only be offered in small quantities, sometimes only available in packet size.

What does "For this amount no block price is available" mean?

For large quantities we have not provided any prices as we do not have unlimited seed available. You can still add the item to the cart, and we will check our inventory in a particular case. Either "Not available" is indicated, or, we calculate a price for the desired amount and send a new confirmation.

You can also send us a request to obtain detailed information or to pre-order items for eg new crop.

What does the yellow light mean with "Quantitative Restriction"?

This product is either sold only in portions, or the available gram quantity is limited. If your desired quantity can not be delivered, you will receive an indication of the maximum amount.

What does the lilac light mean with "Not allowed for importation into your country"?

This article is subject to an import restriction for your country. Read more on Questions on import.

How do I see what I have already ordered?

At the top right you can see the basket bag. To the left of the bag you can see "Your Shopping Basket contains items" if you already put items to the cart. If you click on the bag you see a short overview of the shopping cart, click "Display Cart" to see the complete overview.

In which order will the items in my basket be sorted?

The items initially remain in the order in which they were added to the basket. During the ordering process (Tab 4) items in the basket are sorted alphabetically in the respective categories in order to ensure that orders are processed as efficiently as possible: Gold Nugget Seed, Organic Seed, Ornamental Grasses, Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Perennials.

Do I lose the contents of my cart, if I don't place the order immediately?

No. When you visit our shop the next time, all the items are still in your cart. If necessary you can quickly delete the items in your cart if you choose "All" and "remove".

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum order value is 25 Euro net. You will see a message in the cart if your order does not reach the value. The minimum charge per item is 2 EURO net.

Questions on import

Why can I not order some products?

In our shop all known species are blocked which are not permitted in the USA, Japan, New Zealand or Australia.

The article will be blocked with a lilac light and the message "Not allowed for importation into your country" once you have logged in. Please also read Do I have to look after import requirements?

Do I have to look after import requirements?

Some countries have import restrictions. Please contact your own customs office since we are not able to take into consideration, the lists and amendments of all countries, although we block numerous items in the shop.

We do not guarantee that your entire order can be imported. Items confiscated by customs or Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery will not be replaced by us.

It is the importer's responsibility to be aware of and to ensure compliance with the requirements of all other regulatory and advisory bodies prior to and after importation.

Here you can find more information: (Search index BICON - Australia) (Bio Security Index - New Zealand) (Japan)

What is a phytosanitary certificate and how much does it cost?

A phytosanitary certificate is necessary when importing seed into several countries. The certificate is requested from us, with 25.40 EURO charged at cost price, and accompanies the shipment. The phytosanitary certificate fee cannot be included in the calculation of the minimum order value.

A phytosanitary certificate does not guarantee that you can import every item ordered without problems. Please contact your customs office since we are not able to consider the lists and amendments of all countries. Items confiscated by customs or Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery will not be replaced by us.

Do I need a phytosanitary certificate?

If you are from a country for which a phytosanitary certificate is required, it is automatically added in the shopping cart after you have logged in.

Beginning January 22, 2002, all USA orders required a Phytosanitary Certificate. To avoid these extra costs to our customers, we will send small shipments into the U.S. every week through our office in Kentucky and apply for a phytosanitary certificate at our own expense. Only large orders are sent directly by courier and will need a certificate.

What extra costs are charged for Hibiscus and Vicia/USDA?

Hibiscus and Vicia seed varieties are required by the USDA to be treated for any pests or diseases that could possibly affect domestic production of crops such as cotton, citrus, and soybeans, etc. These varieties will be shipped separately to a USDA-APHIS facility and fumigated. This precautionary process does not affect seed quality. The treated seed will be shipped on to the customer with only moderate delays. Extra fees are charged for this process, including a phytosantitary certificate fee of 25.40 euro and a USDA fumigation fee of 125.00 euro plus 15.00 euro extra shipping fee.

Questions on extra costs

What insurance costs are charged?

Minimum insurance is 0,90 EURO. Up to an order value of 450,00 EURO we calculate 2‰ of the value.

What packing costs costs are charged?

Packing costs are calculated according to the order value.

Value net                  Prices in EURO
from       0 EURO     2,50
from     50 EURO     4,00
from   250 EURO     6,00
from 1000 EURO     7,50
from 5000 EURO   10,00

Which shipping method should I choose?

Shipping by airmail is often cheaper, but can not be tracked. Also, the ship time, in particular outside the European Union, often is very long.

Courier delivery is usually faster, and easy to track, but more expensive.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping costs are calculated by weight of the goods ordered and the destination country.

For delivery by regular post up to 2 kg, we have fixed shipping costs. These prices are valid as of December 22nd, 2021. Subject to change.

For tracked and courier shipments, additional charges will apply. Any additional shipping will be displayed in the delivery option.

For some orders that are not subject to our shipping costs, we can often can give a price depending on weight and destination country. For all other orders, "will be calculated" appears in your shopping cart. We will send you in this case, a further confirmation of all costs.

Postage by post




Weight up to 500 gr

2,70 EURO

5,90 EURO

500 gr - 1 kg

2,70 EURO

8,90 EURO

1 kg - 2 kg

4,50 EURO

will be calculated

more than 2 kg

will be calculated

will be calculated


Questions on delivery

Where the seed is sent?

The seed is sent from the headquarters in Germany. Here all the seeds are cleaned, tested and stored under appropriate conditions.

Small shipments to the U.S., we send weekly with a small detour through our office in Kentucky in order to spare our customers the cost of the phytosanitary certificate.

Why did I receive an invoice, but did not receive any goods?

There are several possible causes:

1. For advance payment, we ship the goods only after receipt of the invoice amount. Please transfer the invoice amount to the account specified on the invoice and provide customer and invoice number. You can expedite the shipment of your order if you send us a bank confirmation by e-mail or fax.

2. You live in Germany or the EU and your order has a value of 500 EURO. In this case, we do not send the bill along with the goods, but on the same day by mail. Packages often have a longer running time, and if you know that merchandise is on its way, you can keep an eye out.

3. You live outside the EU and your goods will be cleared. In this case, we do not send the bill along with the goods, but on the same day by mail. If you know that merchandise is on its way, you can keep an eye out. If the shipment has not arrived after a certain time, please ask your customs office.

What shall I do if my order does not arrive?

For your information, we send an invoice on the day of dispatch (the delivery note for payment in advance) by e-mail. If the shipment does not arrive, please check first on the bill. What shipping method is listed in the black box?

If the goods have been sent by courier or by post as express or registered mail, you have received from us or the courier service a number for the shipment and you can track the shipment on the Internet: Tracking.

By mail, we ask you to be patient - depending on the country, service may take several weeks. If you believe the shipment is lost, please contact us so that we can investigate and if necessary can send new seeds.

What shall I do if an order item is missing?

Because each order is packed individually, there can be occasional mistakes. If a seed bag has not found its way into your shipment, or a bag is damaged, and the seeds were scattered, please contact us. We will then send a replacement.

What shall I do if only part of the order has arrived?

If only the first half of your order has been delivered, but all positions are correctly listed on the invoice, it may be that the shipment was divided into several packages. Please wait a few days - if no further shipment arrives, please contact us.

If the invoice shows only part of the order, it is possible that eg a page of the fax was not sent correctly, or your addittion has not arrived. Please contact us, to enable us to dispatch the missing part as soon as possible.

What right of cancellation / right of return do I have?

* Every consignment should be inspected upon delivery. Complaints about any perceptible defects relating to the goods or the packaging and any weight discrepancies must be brought to the Seller's notice no later than the 5th working day and any deficient germination vigour no later than 3 weeks after receipt of the goods. Notice of any defects which are not detectable until a later date must be given without delay. In the event of any dispute the goods shall, upon prior notification to the Seller, be re-examined by the Institute of Applied Botany, Hamburg/Germany (Staatsinstitut für angewandte Botanik), whose analysis shall be recognized as decisive by both parties. The expenses shall be borne by the losing party.

* If the Buyer has justifiably complained about perceptible defects or deficient germination vigour, the Seller shall be obligated to take back the goods, but not to deliver replacement goods, nor to grant a price discount, nor to pay compensation for damages.

* In the case of all other defects the Seller shall be liable for damages proved in due time and not exceeding the invoiced amount for the goods in question; no further liability will be assumed. The Buyer shall waive all other statutory or private claims. The same shall apply in the event that goods other than those specified are delivered. The descriptions given in this catalogue are not to be regarded as warranted qualities.
The Seller does not accept any responsibility for the outdoor viability of the goods as this is dependent on outside influences beyond control.
Furthermore, the Seller is not liable on account of seed infestation and transmission of diseases or pests.

* Packets whose closure has been damaged or some of whose contents have already been used cannot be taken back. In the event that liability exceeding that outlined in section 3 of the General Terms of Delivery is obligatory by law, proof of the defects claimed - in particular non-trueness of species or variety - must be furnished by the Buyer with the contents of a previously unopened packet sealed by the Seller or breeder.
A fee of up to 30% of the goods value shall be charged to the Buyer's account for any return of goods attributable to the fault of the Buyer or cancellation of orders at short notice.

* Seeds are perishable goods. Every order is matched to the customer's individual requirements. A right of cancellation / right of return on behalf of traders/business is therefore excluded. A right of cancellation /right of return without grounds within 14 days after receipt of order is also excluded in reference to § 312g section 2 BGB. All other terms remain valid as agreed.

Questions on payment

What do I need a tax number for?

After listing your country, you may be asked (for countries within the European Union) if you have a VAT-registration number. This means that you live in a country where VAT must be paid.

If you give us your valid VAT-number, this amount will not be charged. Should the VAT-Reg.-No. provided be invalid, then VAT will be charged.

Why is it not possible to enter a tax number?

If you live in Germany, we don't need your sales tax number, you must always pay VAT.

If you live in an EU country, and your number is not accepted, you made either a typing mistake or you just have tried to provide a personal identification number. Only companies with a sales tax number within the EU can shop tax-free.

How do I enter my company sales tax number correctly?

There are fixed rules for the VAT number: enter your country code plus digits (and letters) according to the exact specification. Don't use spaces or hyphen.

Eu Member States


Country Code

Exact specification




nine places (the first place must be the letter U)


No. TVA / BTW-Nr.


ten digits (old numbers with nine digits are complemented by prepending a zero)




nine or ten digits



eleven digits


Arithmos Egrafis FPA


nine places (the last place must be a letter)

Czech Republic



eight, nine or ten digits




eight digits




nine digits




eight digits


numéro d'identification à la taxe


eleven places (the first and / or second place can be a letter)


közösségi adószám


eight digits




nine digits




eight places (the second place can, and the last place must be a letter) or nine places (seven digits plus two letters)




eleven digits




eleven digits




nine or twelve digits


numéro identification à la taxe


eight digits




eight digits




twelve places (the third last place must be the letter B)




ten digits




nine digits




a maximum of ten digits (the first digit must not be a zero)




twelve digits (the last two digits are always"01")




ten digits




eight digits




nine places (the first and the last place, or the first or the last place can be a letter)

United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

VAT Reg. No.


nine or twelve digits


How can I pay?

We offer several possibilities:

1. Payment by credit card

We accept Master-/Eurocard, VISA and JCB. The credit card details are examined in the input for validity, but the card is only charged on the dispatch of the goods.

2. Payment by direct debit

Is currently possible only within the EURO Zone. We need your account number and bankcode (if known, we prefer SWIFT and IBAN number). The account is charged on the dispatch of the goods.

3. Payment cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is only available in certain countries, and only up to a predetermined value. If delivery is possible, we offer it to you in the order process, the delivery fee is already included in the shipping cost. 2 EURO in Germany are also required as transfer charge from the post office.

4. Payment in advance / by wire transfer:
Please add your customer and invoice number.

All bank charges are for the account of the buyer.

The invoices show our main account, for transfers in Euros:
Commerzbank Celle

IBAN: DE94 2578 0022 0419 9923 00

5. Payment in advance / by cheque:
Please add your customer and invoice number.
We accept cheques in EURO, issued and drawn on a German bank, US $ cheques, issued and drawn on a US-Bank as well as GBP £ cheques issued and drawn on a UK-Bank.

The current exchange rates are printed on each invoice, you can send the cheques via mail to Schwarmstedt or any other office, see Contacts.

6. Agreed upon payment methods still apply for those customers who have existing arrangements.

When do I qualify for a discount?

Discount has already been calculated in our price scale. Per item gram prices are lower depending on the ordered amount.

Questions on order processing

Where will my order be processed?

All orders, regardless of whether you completed over the shop, or by telephone, fax or e-mail to the headquarters or one of our offices in Japan, USA or Great Britain, the orders will be processed in the main office in Schwarmstedt. Here, the seed is stored, and from here, the orders and invoices will be sent.

Do I get pre-packaged seeds?

Temperature and humidity control are vital for the well-being of our inventory. Our seeds are stored according to the species' needs. The company has a wide variety of climate-controlled facilities. An overwhelming percentage of our seeds are packed immediately prior to shipment, only a small number of species can be pre-packaged.

How will my order be put together?

Each order item is weighed manually by the staff in seed bags and sealed. For larger quantities, we use double-stitched fabric bags.

Putting together your goods from various stores adds time to our shipping process, but it ensures the best quality product is shipped to you.

What shall I do if I've forgotten one or more items and I want to add something?

Please contact us. If your order is not shipped yet, and yet no phytosanitary certificate is requested, we can add items.

Questions on My Jelitto

What do I find under "My Jelitto"

- Customer Number
- Billings and Shipping Settings
- My Wish List
- Order History

You can change your address and your password.

How do I get my customer number?

After your registration you will receive confirmation by e-mail that includes your 6-digit customer number. In the shop you will find your customer number in the "My Jelitto" and "My Account".

If you have deleted our confirmation, or you have not placed your initial order via our online shop, you can find your customer number on any of our documents, on quotations, order confirmations and invoices, above right in a black box.

Why do I need a customer number?

You can login with your e-mail address or customer number and a password.

If you don't order via our shop, as a long-time customer you don't need to add your full address to the order. Your name and account number on the fax or e-mail is sufficient for us to locate your account information.

Please add your customer number to checks or wire transfers.

How do I change my password and what should I consider?

After you have logged in, you go in the shop on "My Jelitto" and select "My Account". Here you can change your password under "Change Account Password".

Your password should have more than 6 characters, otherwise it is too easy to decode. Please do not choose any words which are easy to find out (eg dog's name). A combination by choice of numerals and big and small letters offers the best security.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

You have two options:

1. Click on "Login" and "Forgotten Password". When you enter your e-mail address and click on "Request Password", we will send you an e-mail, which allows you to change your password.

2. Click on "My Jelitto" and "My Account". From here the link "Forgotten password?" also leads to the page with the button "Request Password".

How do I put articles in my wish list?

Please select an item. In the article detail view you will find a green arrow behind the botanical name. The foldout shows different possibilities for action, ie. "add to wish list". This action is only available if you log in before.

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