Questions on My Jelitto

What do I find under "My Jelitto"

- Customer Number
- Billings and Shipping Settings
- My Wish List
- Order History

You can change your address and your password.

How do I get my customer number?

After your registration you will receive confirmation by e-mail that includes your 6-digit customer number. In the shop you will find your customer number in the "My Jelitto" and "My Account".

If you have deleted our confirmation, or you have not placed your initial order via our online shop, you can find your customer number on any of our documents, on quotations, order confirmations and invoices, above right in a black box.

Why do I need a customer number?

You can login with your e-mail address or customer number and a password.

If you don't order via our shop, as a long-time customer you don't need to add your full address to the order. Your name and account number on the fax or e-mail is sufficient for us to locate your account information.

Please add your customer number to checks or wire transfers.

How do I change my password and what should I consider?

After you have logged in, you go in the shop on "My Jelitto" and select "My Account". Here you can change your password under "Change Account Password".

Your password should have more than 6 characters, otherwise it is too easy to decode. Please do not choose any words which are easy to find out (eg dog's name). A combination by choice of numerals and big and small letters offers the best security.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

You have two options:

1. Click on "Login" and on "Forgotten Password". When you enter your e-mail address and click on "Request Password", we will send you an e-mail, which allows you to change your password.

2. Click on "My Jelitto" and "My Account". From here the link "Forgotten password?" also leads to the page with the button "Request Password".

How do I put articles in my wish list?

Please select an item. In the article detail view you will find a green arrow behind the botanical name. The foldout shows different possibilities for action, ie. "add to wish list". This action is only available if you log in before.

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