Questions on delivery

Where the seed is sent?

The seed is sent from the headquarters in Germany. Here all the seeds are cleaned, tested and stored under appropriate conditions.

Small shipments to the U.S., we send weekly with a small detour through our office in Kentucky in order to spare our customers the cost of the phytosanitary certificate.

Why did I receive an invoice, but did not receive any goods?

There are several possible causes:

1. For advance payment, we ship the goods only after receipt of the invoice amount. Please transfer the invoice amount to the account specified on the invoice and provide customer and invoice number. You can expedite the shipment of your order if you send us a bank confirmation by e-mail or fax.

2. You live in Germany or the EU and your order has a value of 500 EURO. In this case, we do not send the bill along with the goods, but on the same day by mail. Packages often have a longer running time, and if you know that merchandise is on its way, you can keep an eye out.

3. You live outside the EU and your goods will be cleared. In this case, we do not send the bill along with the goods, but on the same day by mail. If you know that merchandise is on its way, you can keep an eye out. If the shipment has not arrived after a certain time, please ask your customs office.

What shall I do if my order does not arrive?

For your information, we send an invoice on the day of dispatch (the delivery note for payment in advance) by e-mail. If the shipment does not arrive, please check first on the bill. What shipping method is listed in the black box?

If the goods have been sent by courier or by post as express or registered mail, you have received from us or the courier service a number for the shipment and you can track the shipment on the Internet: Tracking.

By mail, we ask you to be patient - depending on the country, service may take several weeks. If you believe the shipment is lost, please contact us so that we can investigate and if necessary can send new seeds.

What shall I do if an order item is missing?

Because each order is packed individually, there can be occasional mistakes. If a seed bag has not found its way into your shipment, or a bag is damaged, and the seeds were scattered, please contact us. We will then send a replacement.

What shall I do if only part of the order has arrived?

If only the first half of your order has been delivered, but all positions are correctly listed on the invoice, it may be that the shipment was divided into several packages. Please wait a few days - if no further shipment arrives, please contact us.

If the invoice shows only part of the order, it is possible that eg a page of the fax was not sent correctly, or your addittion has not arrived. Please contact us, to enable us to dispatch the missing part as soon as possible.

What right of cancellation / right of return do I have?

* Every consignment should be inspected upon delivery. Complaints about any perceptible defects relating to the goods or the packaging and any weight discrepancies must be brought to the Seller's notice no later than the 5th working day and any deficient germination vigour no later than 3 weeks after receipt of the goods. Notice of any defects which are not detectable until a later date must be given without delay. In the event of any dispute the goods shall, upon prior notification to the Seller, be re-examined by the Institute of Applied Botany, Hamburg/Germany (Staatsinstitut für angewandte Botanik), whose analysis shall be recognized as decisive by both parties. The expenses shall be borne by the losing party.

* If the Buyer has justifiably complained about perceptible defects or deficient germination vigour, the Seller shall be obligated to take back the goods, but not to deliver replacement goods, nor to grant a price discount, nor to pay compensation for damages.

* In the case of all other defects the Seller shall be liable for damages proved in due time and not exceeding the invoiced amount for the goods in question; no further liability will be assumed. The Buyer shall waive all other statutory or private claims. The same shall apply in the event that goods other than those specified are delivered. The descriptions given in this catalogue are not to be regarded as warranted qualities.
The Seller does not accept any responsibility for the outdoor viability of the goods as this is dependent on outside influences beyond control.
Furthermore, the Seller is not liable on account of seed infestation and transmission of diseases or pests.

* Packets whose closure has been damaged or some of whose contents have already been used cannot be taken back. In the event that liability exceeding that outlined in section 3 of the General Terms of Delivery is obligatory by law, proof of the defects claimed - in particular non-trueness of species or variety - must be furnished by the Buyer with the contents of a previously unopened packet sealed by the Seller or breeder.
A fee of up to 30% of the goods value shall be charged to the Buyer's account for any return of goods attributable to the fault of the Buyer or cancellation of orders at short notice.

* Seeds are perishable goods. Every order is matched to the customer's individual requirements. A right of cancellation / right of return on behalf of traders/business is therefore excluded. A right of cancellation /right of return without grounds within 14 days after receipt of order is also excluded in reference to § 312g section 2 BGB. All other terms remain valid as agreed.

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*: excl. TAX, excl. shipping