Questions on how to order

How do I order?

We offer you several options:

1. You can send us your order by fax or post. You are welcome to use our Order Form or our Fax Order Form / Fax Order Form Japan.

2. You can send us your order via E-Mail or give us a call. Here you can find our Contacts.

3. You can add items into your shopping cart. Click "Display Cart" on the shopping cart bag to place the order. The program guides you through the steps. Details are described in the article, What steps do I have to take to complete an order

4. Regular customers can place a Quick Order

How do I get back to where I came from?

If you are on page x and order an item, you can get back to page x when you use your browser's back button (left arrow). If you click on our navigational headings, you start again from the beginning of that section.

What is a quick order?

In a Quick Order you can enter directly in the shopping cart the item number and quantity of the requested article. You must have a customer number to use Quick Order, because we must assume knowledge of our item list.

All functions of the shopping cart are still available, you can delete items or change the input quantities at any time. If you miss an item number, you can find the article using the text search, click the button "Add to cart", and return to the quick entry using the navigation "QUICK ORDER".

Our tip: Instead of using the "add to cart" button press the return key after quantity.

What steps do I have to take to complete an order?

The purchase contract is concluded by clicking on the button "Purchase", which is under the summary of your order, and after successfully completing the ordering process (Tab 5).

First, the following steps are necessary:

1. Place item in the basket

2. A click on the shopping cart bag is a quick reference guide, "Display Cart" leads you to the full list, to "Cart" (Tab 1):
List of all items including prices, packaging costs and insurance and any necessary additional costs for some countries (Phytosanitary Certficate).

3. "Continue to next step" leads you to "Address" (Tab 2):
You are able to control or change your address, and if necessary, create or choose a shipping address.
4. "Continue to next step" leads to "Delivery" (Tab 3):
You can choose from various shipping methods that already pertain to your order and your country.

5. "Continue to next step" leads to "Pay" (Tab 4):
You can choose from various proposals.

6. "Continue to next step" leads to "Order" (Tab 5):
Here all the details of your order will be listed. You can either make final changes, or submit your order.

If items or shipping costs are included, marked "will be calculated", you will see the button "Purchase Request". You will then receive an extra order confirmation sent initially, including all costs.

Do I have to login or register to add items to the cart?

Yes, this is necessary to check all restrictions. Not all products may be exported to all countries. What is more the shop can only save your shopping cart when we there is a reference to one customer.

Which units can I order?

You can order for most items portions, grams or seeds. The conversion of seeds to gram is determined by the average weight of 1000 seeds and is rounded up the next deci-gram. The number of seeds delivered may differ from the number ordered. Gold Nugget Seeds are sold in unit seeds only. We weigh all amounts, also portions and seeds, we do not count seeds.

How big is one portion?

1 portion is our smallest sales unit and contains 20-250 seeds depending on value and seed size. The unit portion is weighed in and not counted. Therefore the number of seeds may vary and a ± difference of up to 5% is to be assumed for technical reasons.

NB: If you order 2 portions, you will receive two seed packets.

Are the seeds counted or weighed?

All seed counts are based on an approximate indication and may vary considerably between various seed lots or crop years.
The number of seed per gram is counted for each seed lot individually.
The seed contained in a gram or portion or 1000 seed unit is measured according to weight and is not counted each time for every order.
Therefore, the number of seed in gram, portion or 1000 seed unit may vary and a ± difference of up to 5% should be accepted with no compensation in any way due the technical circumstances.

What does an item cost?

Our prices are quoted in Euros. Prices are net and do not include VAT and are plus insurance, packing and shipping costs.

In the pull down menu next to the price you find a box listing our Block prices.

If you enter an amount in the field, a green box appears, showing you the true price scale and the total price for the desired amount. Portions do not have a price scale.

What are block prices?

In the pull down menu next to the price you find a box listing our block prices. Discount has already been calculated in our price scale. The larger the amount ordered, the smaller the price / per grams.

Our prices scale is split as follows:
Portionen do not have a price scale.
1 g prices apply to orders of 0.1g - 9.9 g
10g prices apply to orders of 10g - 99.9g
100 g prices apply to orders of 100g - 999.9g
1000 g prices apply to orders of 1kg - 9.999kg

Prices for larger quantities can be calculated by us on request.

Why are the block prices not always complete?

Rare species and scarce seeds can only be offered in small quantities, sometimes only available in packet size.

What does "For this amount no block price is available" mean?

For large quantities we have not provided any prices as we do not have unlimited seed available. You can still add the item to the cart, and we will check our inventory in a particular case. Either "Not available" is indicated, or, we calculate a price for the desired amount and send a new confirmation.

You can also send us a request to obtain detailed information or to pre-order items for eg new crop.

What does the yellow light mean with "Quantitative Restriction"?

This product is either sold only in portions, or the available gram quantity is limited. If your desired quantity can not be delivered, you will receive an indication of the maximum amount.

What does the lilac light mean with "Not allowed for importation into your country"?

This article is subject to an import restriction for your country. Read more on Questions on import.

How do I see what I have already ordered?

At the top right you can see the basket bag. To the left of the bag you can see "Your Shopping Basket contains items" if you already put items to the cart. If you click on the bag you see a short overview of the shopping cart, click "Display Cart" to see the complete overview.

In which order will the items in my basket be sorted?

The items initially remain in the order in which they were added to the basket. During the ordering process (Tab 4) items in the basket are sorted alphabetically in the respective categories in order to ensure that orders are processed as efficiently as possible: Gold Nugget Seed, Organic Seed, Ornamental Grasses, Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Perennials.

Do I lose the contents of my cart, if I don't place the order immediately?

No. When you visit our shop the next time, all the items are still in your cart. If necessary you can quickly delete the items in your cart if you choose "All" and "remove".

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum order value is 25 Euro net. You will see a message in the cart if your order does not reach the value. The minimum charge per item is 2 EURO net.

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