Questions on import

Why can I not order some products?

In our shop all known species are blocked which are not permitted in the USA, Japan, New Zealand or Australia.

The article will be blocked with a lilac light and the message "Not allowed for importation into your country" once you have logged in. Please also read Do I have to look after import requirements?

Do I have to look after import requirements?

Some countries have import restrictions. Please contact your own customs office since we are not able to take into consideration, the lists and amendments of all countries, although we block numerous items in the shop.

We do not guarantee that your entire order can be imported. Items confiscated by customs or Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery will not be replaced by us.

It is the importer's responsibility to be aware of and to ensure compliance with the requirements of all other regulatory and advisory bodies prior to and after importation.

Here you can find more information: (Search index BICON - Australia) (Bio Security Index - New Zealand) (Japan) (List of Regulated Living Organisms under the Invasive Alien Species Act - Japan)

What is a phytosanitary certificate and how much does it cost?

A phytosanitary certificate is necessary when importing seed into several countries. The certificate is requested from us, with 25.40 EURO charged at cost price, and accompanies the shipment. The phytosanitary certificate fee cannot be included in the calculation of the minimum order value.

A phytosanitary certificate does not guarantee that you can import every item ordered without problems. Please contact your customs office since we are not able to consider the lists and amendments of all countries. Items confiscated by customs or Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery will not be replaced by us.

Do I need a phytosanitary certificate?

If you are from a country for which a phytosanitary certificate is required, it is automatically added in the shopping cart after you have logged in.

Beginning January 22, 2002, all USA orders required a Phytosanitary Certificate. To avoid these extra costs to our customers, we will send small shipments into the U.S. every week through our office in Kentucky and apply for a phytosanitary certificate at our own expense. Only large orders are sent directly by courier and will need a certificate.

What extra costs are charged for Hibiscus and Vicia/USDA?

Hibiscus and Vicia seed varieties are required by the USDA to be treated for any pests or diseases that could possibly affect domestic production of crops such as cotton, citrus, and soybeans, etc. These varieties will be shipped separately to a USDA-APHIS facility and fumigated. This precautionary process does not affect seed quality. The treated seed will be shipped on to the customer with only moderate delays. Extra fees are charged for this process, including a phytosantitary certificate fee of 25.40 euro and a USDA fumigation fee of 125.00 euro plus 15.00 euro extra shipping fee.

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