Payment Options

How can I pay?

We offer several possibilities:

1. Payment by credit card

We accept Master-/Eurocard, VISA and JCB. The credit card details are examined in the input for validity, but the card is only charged on the dispatch of the goods.

2. Payment by direct debit

Is currently possible only within the EURO Zone. We need your account number and bankcode (if known, we prefer SWIFT and IBAN number). The account is charged on the dispatch of the goods.

3. Payment cash on delivery

Cash on delivery is only available in certain countries, and only up to a predetermined value. If delivery is possible, we offer it to you in the order process, the delivery fee is already included in the shipping cost. 2 EURO in Germany are also required as transfer charge from the post office.

4. Payment in advance / by wire transfer:
Please add your customer and invoice number.

All bank charges are for the account of the buyer.

The invoices show our main account, for transfers in Euros:

Commerzbank Celle

IBAN: DE94 2578 0022 0419 9923 00

5. Payment in advance / by cheque:
Please add your customer and invoice number.
We accept cheques in EURO, issued and drawn on a German bank, US $ cheques, issued and drawn on a US-Bank as well as GBP £ cheques issued and drawn on a UK-Bank.

The current exchange rates are printed on each invoice, you can send the cheques via mail to Schwarmstedt or any other office, see Contacts.

6. Agreed upon payment methods still apply for those customers who have existing arrangements.

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