Seed Sowing techniques

  1. Easy and fast germinating (and fast growing) perennials can be sown directly into pots (like 3 inch) by simply putting 3 - 5 seeds per pot. You can avoid pricking out and potting: Dianthus deltoides, Achillea millefolium, Coreopsis 'Sterntaler', Gaillardia and Viola cornuta etc.

  2. Fast germinating seed (sowing direction 15 + 16) can be sown directly into multi-cell-trays. Use 3 - 5 seeds per cell by either using a multi seeder or manually sowing. It may be time consuming to do at first but it will save you a lot of time in the long run, especially closer to spring

  3. Do not cover very small seed like Heuchera or Sedum. See Tiny Seeds

  4. Sowing into seed boxes/trays the old fashion way still works best for smaller items or perennials for those you have no experience. You do not need a lot of room and you can prick them out when you have time, or when it becomes necessary!

  5. Do not use too much seed per seed tray taking seed size into consideration (Acanthus 5 seeds per gram, Sedum 60,000 seeds per gram) If sown a good distance apart, it gives you more time until pricking out and you will have fewer fungal problems

  6. Consider using mobile ways to sow seeds (trays, pots etc.). You can always move the seedboxes into the cool/warm greenhouse to germinate or put together not germinated sowings as you go

  7. To avoid fungal problems regularly use fungicides with watering

  8. It is very important to give seed trays good drainage and use a structure stabile and well drained growing media (2/5 Compost, 1/5 Sand, 1/5 Peat, 1/5 Loam)

  9. Only cover seed as thickly as the seed is in diameter! But do press seed into soil first

  10. Only use sterile growing media, trays etc. and always keep your germinating facilities as clean as possible! (Moss, liverwort and fungus are the biggest problems)

  11. Sow hard/slow cold germinators at the end of November to mid December (in Northern Hemisphere).

  12. Normal cold germinators mid December to end of January (in Northern Hemisphere)

  13. All others, mostly March to mid June depending on your time frame and production schedule

  14. If you sow too early, untimely spontaneous germination may occur, too early in late fall

  15. With such a wide range of perennials it is always "learning by doing" and still conditions change from year to year!

  16. Follow our sowing instructions which will give you a good, basic idea how to handle seed for best results


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