What are JET® seeds?

The designation JET® represents several advanced JELITTO TECHNOLOGYtechniques that enhance germination on a growing number of Jelitto perennial seed items.

JET® seeds are either rubbed, peeled, processed into pure seed for better mechanical handling, or heat treated against pests and diseases. The technology is now being successfully being put to work by growers worldwide.

JET® pure seed / rubbed seed

Comparison normal seed - JET® seed

Alcea, JET seed
Gaillardia, JET seed
Scabiosa, JET seed

Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta' and 'Perfecta Alba' have been rubbed or peeled for better mechanical handling and seed sowing by machine which had not been possible before. Other similarly treated perennial seeds include popular Gaillardia aristata cultivars.

And perfectly pure seed has been accomplished on top selling hollyhocks like 'Chaters', and Alcea rosea Hybrids 'Simplex' and the very dark flowering Alcea rosea var. nigra.

Seed Count per Gram comparison:
65 s/g - SB 244 Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta'
70 s/g - ST 244 Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta', JET® rubbed seed 200 s/g - GA 009 Gaillardia 'Bijou'
330 s/g - GT 009 Gaillardia 'Bijou', JET® rubbed seed
130 s/g - AA 304 Alcea 'Chaters Mix'
250 s/g - AT 304 Alcea 'Chaters Mix', JET® rubbed seed

Comparison normal seed - pure seed

Pulsatilla, pure seed
Chasmanthium, pure seed
Anemone, pure seed

JET® heat-treated seed

Russell Varieties of Lupines are now heat treated to eliminate a seed borne Colletotrichon fungus that has previously hampered healthy growth. Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivanti 'Goldsturm' are heat treated, eliminating any disease spores that might be present on a crop that's given growers headaches over the last decade.

A secondary infection is still possible, please prevent!

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